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Basically, a Brochure design is a type of leaflet, but usually larger in size and contains more information about a product, bunch of product or services. Brochures can be of the bi-folded or the tri-folded type.
The bi-folded ones contain prints on both the sides, whereas the tri-folded ones are also printed in both the sides, but are folded in to three halves. 
Other forms of brochures are Z folded and the C-folded ones


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8 simple tips that can help you to create the best brochure design

  • Knowing the purpose of the brochure is the first and foremost thing. Obviously it will be used for promotion, but you also need to be aware about the target customers and the market size of the business in order to come up with the most appropriate design.
  • The brochure design needs to be not only unique, but should also creative. Keep one thing in mind that your target group might come across several brochures in a day, and they might not even feel like opening it. So your design needs to be so much creative so that the consumer is compelled to pay extra attention to it
  • Before you carry on with the design you also need to ensure the print size of the document, which is usually decided by the client. If you prepare a brochure design in 8.5 x 13 layout it should be printed on a paper made to hold that layout.
  • Always use print bleed around your layout. This will confirm that all the sides of the layout are printed in the best way, and you can trim out the bleed as per the requirements
  • Using the right font is a crucial aspect in brochure designing. You have to keep in mind the basic readability, and at the same time your font should go hand in hand with the theme of the product/products being described in your brochure.





  • Your design will be printed and it needs to be of high resolution in order to offer that sharp and crisp look. Your layout should be created at least at 300 dpi. A low quality design is sure to turn blurred when printed, which will certainly give a poor look to the brochure.
  • Using the brochure space most intelligently, without making it over crowded, but at the same time presenting all that you have to write, is an art, which needs to be maintained in order to reach a satisfactory brochure design, and the brochure design india companies can accomplish this task in the best way.
  • Obviously promotion is the basic purpose of the brochure, but in order to make it valuable and interesting to the readers it is essential that you make the brochure a piece of art, which is sure to be appreciated by the consumers. The brochure designing company in are renowned for this kind of services