Benefits of Google Analytics

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Benefits of Google Analytics

Benefits of Google Analytics Tracking:

1.It will store the details of each user, so that it easily identify if the same visitor visit again.

2.It helps us to know the information like the pages the user visited, how long the user has seen, and which site the user visited before visiting this page.

3.       Which language the user speaks

4.On which page the user left often

5.How many pages user viewing

6. Able to see which time of the day is the hottest for your website

7.  Helps to see how the user found you, whether through a search engine or social networks

8.Also able to know how users interact with our website content, how many user clicked particular links

Google Analytical tricks:

1.Setting a goal

·         Goal setting for a website are the foundation for analysing because everything based on your goals only, the goals is especially business goals like you can set a goal in contact us form to track conversions.

2.       Connect to Google webmaster account

·         Connect to Google webmaster tool account with Google analytics accounts and get access to the new SEO report. Then you can able to see reports like Geographical summary, Queries, landing pages.

3.       Enable Site speed

·         Google analytics helps to see the loading time of your pages and it is easy to know on which page needs more attention. Then the site owner can increase the loading time of the pages.

4.       Enable site search

·         Visitor those who use your website search box, they are likely to convert other thing. Because     of your website keywords or products and service.

5.       Track events

·         Tracking the events on your website is easy by Google analytics. It tracks the information like how many of the user downloaded your e-book, what error the user found during the checkout.

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